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September 2013

For Rebecca Ann Sedwick

Rebecca Ann Sedwick died on September 8, 2013. [1]  She went to an abandoned cement plant and jumped from a tower.  It was a Monday morning.  A school day.  She was twelve.

She was bullied online by maybe 15 or so of her “friends” and classmates.  She used, Kik and Voxer.  The bullying started over a “boyfriend.”  The newspapers show the flowers, messages and gifts left at the sight of her suicide as a memorial.

Where were they all before she died?

21st Century Greek

I chose my college (Vassar) in part for the lack of Greek life.  My daughter factored in that too in her college choice (Smith). But a cellphone video of the 2013 Smith College Convocation filled with a thousand plus screaming women in a Greek looking auditorium with signs and costumes boasting of House affiliations moved me with the display of fierce communal spirit and struck me with the thought: this sure looks a lot like Greek life![1]

September & Everything After: Organize Your Life

You can solve most problems – and even avoid them in the first place – and this includes student conduct violations.  The key to defending a student or diffusing a discipline code violation is clarity.  Clarity of perception.  Clarity of analysis.  Clarity of action.

How do you achieve this clarity in life?  We are big fans of David Allen’s GTD system – Getting Things Done[1] and from the GTD approach derive a top three list for getting organized in the fall and at any moment in life: