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November 2013

The Truth About Justice

So justice is easy but truth is hard. [1]

It's hard to tell what's true. The boy/girl who says you're the one. The missing cookie from the jar. The bloody knife by the body.

But it's easy to do justice. Just do the process right.

And don't mix it up with the truth.

We mix it up all the time. We expect the criminal justice system, the civil courts, and student conduct codes at college and universities to reliably arrive at the truth through adherence to the right process. We think a fair trial and an impartial ear solves all.

Fool for a Client: How Student Discipline Codes Encourage Self-Representation

Your university and college don’t want you to hire a lawyer. Many student discipline codes and student conduct codes forbid lawyers from speaking at a student conduct proceeding. Other universities and colleges even forbid the accused student from having an advocate present. 

The rationale is often stated as the student discipline code having an educational aim.

That’s simply wrong.

Remembering River Phoenix: Amnesty & Good Samaritan Rules on Campus

On a Halloween twenty years ago, the actor River Phoenix died outside Johnny Depp’s The Viper Room nightclub in Los Angeles, convulsing on the sidewalk from an overdose of drugs. As recounted in a recent biography, he first got sick inside the club but delays in calling 911 may have occurred due to concern over his image and legal liability. [1] He was 23.