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December 2013

Constructive Possession

"It Isn't mine."

Uttering this phrase to the police when they have found you in close proximity to anything: drugs, alcohol, or violence - only shows you don't understand the legal principle of constructive possession.

Constructive possession requires: (1) intent, and, (2) the ability to exercise dominion and control [1]. 

Essentially, it does not matter if it "isn't yours." On campus or off. 

Rushing to Judgment in Plagiarism Cases

When it comes to academic honor code violations, colleges and universities must be fans of the legendary frontier jurist - Judge Roy Bean [1] - who supposedly told a defendant:

"You'll get a fair trial followed by a speedy hanging."

Plagiarism may be defined as passing off another's work as your own [2]. But the process at most schools for academic honor code violations abandon common sense and the hard work of good teaching.