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February 2014

Go Ask Alice: How Do I Become a Hearing Board Panel Member?

Imagine you are tasked with designing a system for determining whether violations of the law have occurred. You might ask yourself the question of who should make these determinations about the future of community members. And you would probably decide that these deciders ought to be highly trained and carefully selected to bear the heavy responsibility of determining guilt or innocence.

Every Breath You Take: Why Students Get in Trouble for Off-Campus Conduct

No, it doesn’t matter that you were off-campus. It may not even matter if you were out of the country.

Student defense clients and their families often can’t believe that an alleged conduct violation occurring off-campus can still violate college student conduct policy.

“But it didn’t even happen on campus – how can the college get me in trouble?”

“Why does the university even care about what happened off-campus?”