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March 2016

Three steps you should take if your child is accused of plagiarism

Step One: Identify who is making the allegation. Usually the accuser will be a professor, fellow student, or administrator. Accusations of plagiarism by professors must be handled in a different manner than those brought forth by other students or school administrators. Depending on whether a formal charge has been brought against the student, contact with the professor who made the accusation is prohibited and any contact could result in an additional violation of the university’s code of conduct.  

You are charged with possession of a fake ID - Now what?

It’s not strange to think that most college students have had a fake ID at some point before turning twenty-one. College students don’t want to feel restricted from happy hours, unlimited mimosa brunches, or even nightlife festivities. So instead, they pay hundreds of dollars to a stranger hoping they will receive high quality IDs, or they go to great lengths to find older friends who they look like, even if that only means sharing the same color hair, and ignoring an eight-inch height difference.