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June 2017

What is Revenge Porn, and Why Should You Care?

In middle school I was once called to a school assembly regarding a chain text message that had been sent around my grade. The text included self-taken pornographic photography that a girl sent to her former boyfriend. However, once separated, the young man sent those photographs to some of his friends, who passed them on, so on and so forth. This brings us to a rising topic in university justice: “Revenge Porn”.

What Happens when an International Student is Charged with a Crime?

How do laws apply to foreign nationals when they are in the United States? Perhaps an odder question, what happens to foreign students studying in the United States should they be charged with a crime? The short answer is that they will face the same punishment as United States citizens, and possibly more. However, the application of this concept goes a little further.

Why Bomb Threats Aren't The Answer

It seems as though schools and institutions have been receiving high reports of bomb threats lately. It would careless to ignore the fact that most threats, of any degree, turn out to be shams. So why does this trend persist? There are numbers of reasons why students (or non-students) use this as a device for achieving something, however it is all about fear. Fear is the tool being utilized, more particularly, that fear is used to achieve time away from the classroom.