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Congratulations on Graduating! Now avoid these 5 common post-grad behaviors!

Congratulations College Graduates
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"And now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here." While Author Neil Gaiman’s advice to graduates is valid, it is important to distinguish what mistakes may affect your future. As seniors prepare to walk across the stage in caps and gowns,it is important to remember that your actions before this moment allowed you to achieve this, but your actions following this moment are also crucial to your career after graduation. Before you begin celebrating, keep in mind these five tips of what NOT to do after the big day!

1. Don’t: Post pictures of your celebration that depict copious amounts of alcohol. While graduation is a time to celebrate, it should not be an opportunity to show future employers anything they may find less than professional. If you do post pictures to social media, make sure they are appropriate and you would be okay with your boss seeing them.

2: Don’t: Make a status implying you did not like your university. Negative posts are worrisome to employers, as it reflects poorly on your attitude. If you did not enjoy your time at the college or university, keep this to yourself and your friends. Employers may wonder what you say about the company to others, or what will you will post after leaving the company. Also do not write anything about any experiences that could be seen as less than respectable. Do not #TBT about a time you were intoxicated, cheated, or anything that violates your school’s honor code.

3. Don’t: forget to pay any outstanding bills to the university, your sorority or fraternity, or any organizations you may belong to. While these charges may seem trivial now, they may haunt you in the future, including a blank diploma on graduation day. Some organizations will use a collection agency to contact you, which may also impact your credit in the future. Credit scores may not seem important now, but in the future they certainly are!

4. Don’t: Worry if your grades weren’t as spectacular as they usually are. Senior spring is a hectic time of transition. If you received a C on your final paper, don’t fret. Still put in your best effort on your final assignments, but realize that the last few weeks of college are extremely emotional, stressful, and busy!

6. Don’t: Worry if you do not have a job yet! As previously mentioned, the transition from college to the real world is busy. It’s okay if you are not sure what career you want to pursue. Take some time to think about what makes you the happiest, and what types of career you may be able to form from that. Don’t take a job simply because the salary is high, think about how you would actually like to spend your days.