Lawyers Defending College Students Against Alcohol, Drug, Sexual Assault, Plagiarism and Other Violations in Colleges, Universities & Courts


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In middle school I was once called to a school assembly regarding a chain text message that had been sent around my grade. The text included self-taken pornographic photography that a girl sent to her former boyfriend. However, once separated, the young man sent those photographs to some of his... Read more.

How do laws apply to foreign nationals when they are in the United States? Perhaps an odder question, what happens to foreign students studying in the United States should they be charged with a crime? The short answer is that they will face the same punishment as United States citizens, and... Read more.

It seems as though schools and institutions have been receiving high reports of bomb threats lately. It would careless to ignore the fact that most threats, of any degree, turn out to be shams. So why does this trend persist? There are numbers of reasons why students (or non-students) use this... Read more.

Hi, I'm Shanlon Wu, a college student defense attorney, and today we're going to talk about plagiarism. Plagiarism today is not the same plagiarism as your mom and dad used to talk about. Today, with the internet, it's really easy to accidentally commit plagiarism and the key for you... Read more.

Coming from a sea town just north of Boston, it is fair to say we have an overwhelming amount of sailors, seamen and general oceanic folk. There’s a metaphor I was taught in grade school about how to navigate life vis a vis the parts of life that hurt you the most aren’t visible, unless you... Read more.

It’s often hard to know when you might need a lawyer.  People use the terms “charges,” “lawsuits” “prosecutions” and “complaints” carelessly and, sometimes, interchangeably. Most typically students and their families don’t know if being called before a college hearing board a legal proceeding?... Read more.

As a college student, you can try to do your best to stay out of trouble. And you should!  But still, even the most rule-abiding students can still find themselves accused of breaking them. Plagiarism, housing violations, and assault are only a few offenses that college students are regularly... Read more.

Finding employment with a criminal conviction or arrest record hanging over your head may at first appear to be a daunting task, but it is entirely possible. The journey to find a job can be made much easier by studying your legal rights, your local laws, and keeping a few general tips in mind... Read more.

Believe you are beings discriminated against? Here is what you should do!

Discrimination in the workplace or at school, whether it’s over race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, age, or religion, is a serious matter and you may not know the initial steps to take. Workplace discrimination takes many forms, and it’s more common than you may think. According to a... Read more.

What if I'm accused of online harassment?

When you hear the word “stalker”, what image comes to mind? Perhaps a shadowy figure trailing a woman as she walks home from work or maybe an angry ex-girlfriend following her ex-boyfriend around town. We usually have a depiction in our head of one person keeping tabs on another; no matter where... Read more.