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Title IX – Campus Sexual Assault


Academic  Misconduct


Code of Conduct Violations


Representing Students Nationwide: On campus & in court

If a college student is charged with a university conduct code or academic code violation, it threatens his or her academic standing and future opportunities. It is important to seek legal advice from an experienced student defense attorney immediately.  Arrests and criminal charges create additional complexities because university violations can result even from arrests and criminal charges that are dismissed.  Effective college student defense requires a lawyer experienced with both university discipline cases as well as criminal defense.

When faced with student conduct code violations parents and students often feel disbelief that the school entrusted with their child’s education has turned against them. This disbelief is often compounded by a lack of familiarity with the school’s procedures which are a hybrid of court systems and student disciplinary code procedures.

But seeking a lawyer isn’t always helpful because most lawyers lack experience with college or school student disciplinary codes and may fail to realize that the usual court rules do not apply.

Effective college student defense requires not only that the lawyer have experience with a variety of college and school student conduct code systems but also that the lawyer understands how to minimize the risks to a student’s future academic and professional career.

Student conduct code violations can result in sanctions ranging from:

  • Loss of campus housing
  • Disciplinary or academic probation
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
  • Disciplinary and academic violations may remain on a student’s record long after the sanction is served.

We are experienced at helping our clients and their families navigate through this crisis with a minimum of disruption to the student’s education.

With over 10 years of experience as a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C.,  Shanlon Wu has the understanding and skills necessary to take on cases involving colleges students accused of university conduct code violations and criminal charges such as drug possession, alcohol violations, assault, and sexual assault as well as university academic honor code violations such as cheating and plagiarism.

Protecting Your Rights And Your Future

If the campus police or local police have become involved in student conduct code violations then criminal charges may be brought against the college student apart from the student conduct code violations.

For any college student facing a criminal charge, the outcome can greatly affect their future. A criminal record can have a number of devastating consequences for young people with their futures ahead of them:

  • Being denied admission to the school of their choice
  • Being denied federal student loans
  • Being passed over for employment opportunities
  • Difficulty finding an apartment
  • Difficulty getting lines of credit

It can be tempting to plead out and quickly put the matter behind, but this can be a disastrous mistake. The last thing to want is to wish you had fought the charge or negotiated with prosecutors for the most favorable outcome.

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We are committed to helping you put this issue behind you for good, while limiting the damage to the greatest extent possible.

Since each school’s discipline codes and procedures are different (sometimes in subtle, sometimes in significant ways) we’ll guide you based on your situation and your school. We’ll advise you of the best tactics and strategies for minimizing disruption of your studies and minimizing the danger to your academic and future professional career. Whether that’s face to face meetings with school officials on your behalf or behind-the-scenes preparation so that the school never knows you have a lawyer – we never lose sight of how a university discipline case or criminal case may affect your educational career and beyond.

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