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What should I do if my fraternity or sorority is accused of hazing?

If you have been accused of hazing, or are part of a fraternity or sorority accused of such acts forced alcohol consumption, producing mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, ridicule, or any other activity inconsistent with your college/university’s code of student conduct, it is crucial that you contact an attorney experienced at against hazing charges in both criminal courts and university disciplinary systems. Our college student defense lawyers are equally at home in either the criminal defense system or the college/university disciplinary system and are experienced in guiding students and their families through these parallel proceedings with minimum stress and disruption to the student’s education.

What are the potential consequences if my fraternity or sorority is accused of hazing?

An accusation of hazing can trigger both criminal charges, as well as college/university disciplinary charges for student conduct code violations. In the wake of recent hazing related deaths across the nation, colleges and universities are taking student-hazing allegations more seriously than ever. In fact, in most colleges and universities, groups and organizations may be held responsible for actions of other members.

If you are facing or have received notice of a college/university disciplinary charge or violation because of hazing allegations, your academic standing may be in jeopardy, as well as your student housing, financial aid, and scholarships. Even future employment can be jeopardized by a student code of conduct violation that stays on your academic record and/or disciplinary record. College and university disciplinary proceedings may seem less formal than a criminal hearing, but the stakes can be just as high.

Do I need an attorney if my fraternity or sorority is accused of hazing?

Yes.  Hazing can result in criminal charges as well as student conduct code violations resulting in suspension or expulsion. University disciplinary investigations may begin by investigating only your fraternity or sorority but may expand to individual students.  Hiring an attorney with both criminal law and university discipline systems is critical to protect your rights and academic/professional future. . Students and faculty who serve on a university hearing board or conduct disciplinary conferences usually lack any legal training and the rules at university hearing board or college/university disciplinary conference can be heavily slanted against the student’s rights.

The good news is that our student defense attorneys will help you navigate the often-prejudicial disciplinary hearings at your college/university and most importantly help mitigate or prevent unjust disciplinary findings against you by student misconduct judicial conferences or hearings. We will work to ensure your college/university’s office of student conduct and judicial hearing board provides the fair and just disciplinary processes you deserve.

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