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You received notice of a disciplinary charge.

What should I do if get a notice of a disciplinary charge?

If you receive a college/university disciplinary charge for a student conduct code violation like underage drinking, drug possession, unreasonably loud noise, sexual assault, assault, or hazing, it is critical that you take the proper precautions before it’s too late. All too often students facing college and university disciplinary charges/proceedings neglect to consult a student defense attorney until it is too late and end up with irreversible sanctions on their college/university disciplinary record that can burden them for the rest of their lives.

What are the potential consequences of a notice of disciplinary charge?

College and university disciplinary charges for student conduct code violations can be as serious as criminal convictions. Depending on the disciplinary code violation, your academic standing could be in jeopardy, as well as your student housing, financial aid, and scholarships. Even future employment can be jeopardized by a violation that stays on your academic record and/or disciplinary record.

Do I need an attorney if I get a notice of disciplinary charge?

A defense attorney with experience navigating disciplinary hearings can be invaluable for many reasons. College and university disciplinary proceedings may seem less formal than a criminal court, but the stakes can be equally as high and there are fewer protections for your student rights in college/university disciplinary conferences or university hearing board proceedings. Students and faculty who serve on a university hearing board or conduct disciplinary conferences usually lack any legal training and the rules at university hearing board or college/university disciplinary conference can be heavily slanted against the student’s rights. Moreover, many lawyers lack experience in these systems and approach student defense as though defending a court case. That is the wrong approach. The good news is that the guidance of an experienced college student defense attorney can mitigate and help prevent unjust outcomes from college/university disciplinary charges and violations.

How can lawyer help me if I get a notice of disciplinary charge?

Our lawyers will help you navigate the often-prejudicial university hearing board and other disciplinary proceedings arising under your college/university’s code of student conduct or academic honor code. We understand the procedures and the thinking of the college and university regarding student discipline and student rights. Our criminal defense skills also protect you against potential or parallel criminal prosecution, but we understand that the college and university disciplinary codes operate entirely outside the judicial system. Our college student defense lawyers are equally at home in either the criminal defense system or the college/university disciplinary system.

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