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How is assault between or involving college students investigated? How is on-campus assault investigated?

Assault is primarily investigated and charged by state or local law enforcement. If it occurs on-campus, university police will likely also participate in the investigation. Early and quick contacting of witnesses is often crucial to a strong defense. Our clients benefit not only from our criminal defense lawyer’s investigatory experience but also from our skilled use of seasoned former-law enforcement investigators to help prepare a strong defense case for college students charged with this violation.

What is the definition of simple assault?

Misdemeanor simple assault charges can arise from fights where blows are exchanged, pushing and shoving, and even where the alleged victim claims they were just in fear of their physical safety, otherwise called intentional assault. It may also include indirect injuries to another caused by recklessness, and unintentional acts.

What is the definition of aggravated assault?

Aggravated or felony assault usually is charged when a complainant has more serious injuries where the degree of injury reflects indifference towards human life.

What is the definition of assault with a deadly weapon?

In the District of Columbia and many other jurisdictions, assault with a deadly weapon includes use of anything that could be considered a weapon meant to cause injury, which is usually guns and knives but can also include any object that can cause harm, including everyday objects like shoes, briefcases, and sticks

What is the definition of domestic violence?

Violence that arises between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, gay couples, members of the same family and household are considered in the District of Columbia and other jurisdictions as domestic violence. However, unlike other forms of violence, this type implies some sort of intimate relationship between the attacker and victim; to read more about domestic violence, visit our page on student domestic violence violations.

What is the definition of verbal assault?

This is an oral attack that has the intent to injure the victim emotionally, mentally, or psychologically.

What constitutes or defines assault in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degrees?

While 3rd degree assault is a misdemeanor punishable by fines, 2nd and 1st degree assault are far more severe. Whether an assault is charged as 1st or 2nd degree depends on intent, weapons used, and extent of injuries. If you are a college student, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney to ensure your rights are protected in these types of cases, whether the crime occurs on or off campus.


Any act that is a violation of criminal law will also normally be considered a violation of a student code of conduct. Since assault is a criminal offense, schools also reserve the right to hold a disciplinary hearing. If you are facing not only criminal charges but also a university disciplinary hearing, it is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in college student assault to ensure the protection of both your rights and education.

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