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What is the definition of internet threats?

Internet threats are any form of virtual communication in which one party feels threatened or scared by the other party’s messages. This can include e-mails, Twitter posts, Facebook messages, and any other threat made online.

How do you tell if a message received online is considered an internet threat?

While one party may consider a communication innocent or “just a joke,”  another may perceive it as threatening, stalking, or a violation of privacy and space. Because the tone or intention of online messages is often impossible to decipher, and “I was only joking,” is not a defense, it is important to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney experienced in defending college students to navigate defending you against allegations of making internet threats.

How are Internet threats related to cyber-stalking?

Internet threats may also encompass cyber-stalking, or any stalking that uses electronic means.  Both cyber threats and cyber-stalking incorporate unwanted virtual messages that cause one party to feel threatened, harassed, or fearful.

What is my university’s code of conduct policy regarding Internet threats?

Many colleges and universities do not specifically address internet threats in their codes of conduct. However, most include a blanket statement that essentially says, “when something happens off campus and it comes to our attention, we reserve the right to take action.” This means you can suffer consequences from your college or university even though your offense is not specifically addressed in the codes of conduct.

What should I do if I am accused of making threats via the internet?

What is posted and sent online is permanent and can never be erased, and any texts or cyber communication can be traced and used by a college hearing board as evidence. A defense attorney with experience defending college students is essential when you don’t know what offense you may be charged with and if that offense may also be criminal.

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