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Are campus cops really cops?

In 1894, New Haven police officers Bill Wiser and Jim Donnelly volunteered to be stationed at Yale University.  At the time, they had no idea that they were going to be the first members of a new type of law enforcement that would soon sweep the nation.  The city of New Haven was having issues... Read more.

Cyberstalking Shan Wu DC Student Defense

In this Age of Information, the issue of cyber stalking has become more prevalent. Our generation often makes remarks about “Facebook stalking” potential boyfriends and girlfriends, future roommates, classmates, etc. to be better acquainted with them.

This practice is considered common... Read more.

Congratulations College Graduates

"And now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here." While Author Neil Gaiman’s advice to graduates is valid, it is important to distinguish what mistakes may affect your... Read more.

As a college student, living on your own in a new place for the very first time can be confusing and overwhelming.

Even though YOUR priorities might include juggling your studies while exercising your various social and creative freedoms, you are still expected to comply with the general... Read more.

DEA possibly downgrading marijuana shanlon wu dc student defense

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently announced that they would reconsider downgrading the scheduling of marijuana, which is currently a Schedule I drug- the highest level of control. Under the Controlled Substances Act, Schedule I substances have “no currently accepted medical use... Read more.


Step One: Identify who is making the allegation. Usually the accuser will be a professor, fellow student, or administrator. Accusations of plagiarism by professors must be handled in a different manner than those brought forth by other students or school administrators. Depending on whether a... Read more.

The United States and Marijuana have always had a unique relationship. From George Washington growing what he referred to as "hemp," to current President Barack Obama admitting to having smoked before, it seems that perhaps the drug has been around longer, and more widely used by the leaders of... Read more.

Charged with a Fake ID DC Student Defense Shan Wu

It’s not strange to think that most college students have had a fake ID at some point before turning twenty-one. College students don’t want to feel restricted from happy hours, unlimited mimosa brunches, or even nightlife festivities. So instead, they pay hundreds of dollars to a stranger... Read more.

To college students, dorm rooms are typically viewed as one’s ‘home away from home’- a haven to escape the often chaotic and tiring life or academia. Despite this sentiment, universities don’t treat dorm rooms as homes, and prohibit certain conduct in a dorm room. Universities perform dorm room... Read more.

The short answer: yes.
It is best to be prepared for your university to find out about any off-campus arrest because they usually do.

How will my school find out? I wasn’t on campus or arrested by a UPD officer!
To be safe, you should (always) assume that your college will... Read more.