Lawyers Defending College Students Against Alcohol, Drug, Sexual Assault, Plagiarism and Other Violations in Colleges, Universities & Courts


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Claiming human rights violations, students sued Howard University and a sorority chapter, alleging hazing. The accusations of hazing included having to wear a certain shirts on certain days, using different doors than full-fledged sisters, and lining up and addressing sisters by their full name... Read more.

Drug courts – where intervention, treatment and peer accountability take precedence over jail time – have proved themselves an effective remedy for non-violent drug offenses. Colleges and universities should consider a similar approach to ADHD medication abuse.

Abuse of the drug is... Read more.

The preceding lines to this famous quote from Henry VI are spoken by the traitorous Cade who seeks to establish himself as an autocrat: “there shall be no money; all shall eat and drink on my score…and worship me their lord.”

Now I am not saying our colleges and universities all seek to... Read more.

Our university and college student discipline systems are broken. Students facing charges that can jeopardize academic and professional careers must navigate a Kafkaesque landscape of arbitrary discipline systems shrouded in secrecy.

College and universities confidently play police,... Read more.