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Defense Attorney for Alcohol Conduct Code Violations by College Students


What are the most common student conduct code violations or crimes involving alcohol?

Underage drinking is the most common violation for college students as 21 is the federal drinking age. Other common alcohol related charges college... Read more.

College Campus Assault Criminal Defense Lawyer


How is assault between or involving college students investigated? How is on-campus assault investigated?

Assault is primarily investigated and charged by state or local law enforcement. If the assault occurs on-campus, university police... Read more.

Cheating / Improper Collaboration College Student Defense Attorney

Cheating / Improper Collaboration

What is the definition of cheating? Can you only get in trouble for cheating during college exams?

Cheating includes a variety of acts that are considered academically dishonest. During an examination this can include receiving the... Read more.

Computer Crimes College Student Defense Attorney

Computer Crimes

What constitutes Computer Crimes?

Although a computer today can be used in several types of alleged crimes, typical investigations and crimes associated with computers include possession of... Read more.

I'm charged with Cyber-Stalking


What is the definition of cyber-stalking?

Cyber-stalking is stalking that involves use of the internet and/or other electronic means. Emails, text messages, even blogs and tweets on twitter could potentially form the basis for a cyber-... Read more.

Destruction of Property College Student Criminal Defense Attorney

Destruction of Property

What is the definition of Destruction of Property? How does my college or university define Destruction of Property?

Universities define destruction of property as damaging or ruining any University property or the property of others, or... Read more.

Domestic Violence College Student Criminal Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence

What is the definition of domestic violence? 

Assaults that arise between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, gay couples, members of the same family and household are considered in Washington D.C. and other jurisdictions as... Read more.

College Student Arrested for Drugs Criminal Defense Attorney


What is the definition of drug possession on campus? What constitutes drug charges?

Drug charges can vary from simple possession of a marijuana joint found in your dorm room to the unauthorized use, possession, and/or distribution of a... Read more.

Fake I.D. College Student Criminal Defense Attorney

Fake I.D.

What is the definition of a fake ID in Washington, D.C.? 

Fake identification or fake ID is any fraudulent copy of a government issued I.D. card or any authentic government I.D. card that was not issued to you, i.e. someone else’s... Read more.

Falsification/Fabrication College Student Criminal Defense Lawyer

Falsification / Fabrication

What are my university or college’s definition of falsification or fabrication? 

Typically, universities and colleges define falsification and fabrication as the use, or creation of false information, both in academic and disciplinary... Read more.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for College Students Accused of Internet Threats

Internet Threats

What is the definition of internet threats?

Internet threats are any form of virtual communication in which one party feels threatened or scared by the other party’s messages. Internet threats can include e-mails, Twitter posts, Facebook... Read more.

Defense Attroeny for College Students Accused of a Noise Violation

Noise Violation

What is the definition of a noise violation in Washington, D.C.?

In the District of Columbia, making "excessive" noise between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM is punishable by a fine of up to $500 and possible jail time for up to 90 days. It is... Read more.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for College Students Accused of Piracy


What is the definition of piracy?

Piracy refers to copyright infringement, or the reproduction and distribution of materials and media that is protected by law and only the original owner has the right to reproduce. Downloading music,... Read more.

What to do if I am accused of plagiarism by my professor


What is the definition of plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined by universities as presenting the work of another person as your own work. Plagiarism also includes stealing and passing off the words or ideas of another as your own without... Read more.

Defense Attorney for College Students Accused of a Pornography Conduct Code Violation


What is the definition of pornography? When is pornography illegal?  

Pornography is defined as any sex-related material designed to arouse someone looking at it such as pictures or movies. Not all pornography is illegal, but pornography... Read more.

Defense Attorney for Residential Conduct Violations

Residential Conduct & Residential Community Standards

What are the basics of residential conduct and residential community standards? 

If you live in college or university housing such as a dorm or university-owned or rented apartment, it is likely you signed a housing agreement obligating... Read more.

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault charges can arise from circumstances ranging from complainants of non-consensual touching to allegations of statutory rape and adult rape. The District of Columbia and many other jurisdictions often categorize these crimes under... Read more.

Sexual Misconduct / Harassment

Sexual Misconduct / Harassment

Indecent actions such as exposure, sexually explicit communication (including online, via text, and voicemail), voyeurism, unwelcome sexual advances or requests, or any other activity that creates a hostile environment for another person, may be... Read more.

Defense Attorney for Misuse of Social Media Charges

Social Media

What is my college or university’s definition of misuse of social media?

Use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to harass, embarrass or otherwise abuse others may be considered misuse of social media. This misuse may result... Read more.

College Student Accused of Stalking Defense Attorney


What is the definition of stalking? 

Stalking crimes typically consist of repeated non-consensual contacts with a complainant. Non-consensual contacts can include visits, telephone calls, texts, or letters. Non-consensual contact may... Read more.

Shoplifting and Theft College Student Defense Lawyer


What is the definition of theft? What are the consequences of theft?

Theft is defined in Washington D.C. as wrongfully using or obtaining someone else’s property with the intent to deprive the other person of this property or to use the... Read more.



What is the definition of a threat?

Threats include any contact or communication that threatens or endangers the party receiving the threat; it will cause them to fear for their safety and implies imminent harm or danger. Threats can be... Read more.

Defense Attorney for College Students Charged with Trespassing on Campus


What is the definition of trespassing?

In the District of Columbia it is illegal to enter or attempt to enter any private dwelling, public building or other property or to remain within such property without lawful authority and against... Read more.

Defense Attorney for College Students Accused of Weapons on Campus


What is the definition of a weapon? What crimes are associated with weapons?

Weapons are any physical objects that are used with the intent to inflict bodily harm or injury upon another individual. Weapons offenses typically involve guns... Read more.