We Defend Students Charged With Disciplinary & Criminal Violations

You were accused of violating alcohol/drug policy.

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What should I do if I am accused of violating my college or university’s drug or alcohol policy?  

If you are facing disciplinary proceedings for violating your college or university’s code of student conduct, it is critical that you take the proper precautions before it is too late.  Student conduct code violations include underage possession or use of alcohol, intoxication on college/university grounds or public property, or possession, distribution or use of drugs. 

College and university disciplinary proceedings may seem less formal than criminal court, but colleges and universities take student misconduct like violating drug and alcohol policy very seriously. It is critical to seek the guidance of an attorney with experience defending college students against alcohol and drug policy charges before facing the disciplinary board where your student rights are often unclear. The structure of college misconduct hearings make it easy for a student to be found guilty of violating the school’s code of conduct with little investigation.

What are the consequences of being a student accused, convicted, or found guilty of a drug or alcohol violation at your college or university?

If you are found guilty of violating your college or university’s conduct codes for drug or alcohol possession, you can lose your scholarship, financial aide, or student housing. You can even be expelled. College and university disciplinary proceedings for students accused of misconduct, such as possession of alcohol or drugs, places your academic standing in jeopardy, as well as your student housing, financial aid awards, scholarships, and even future employment. 

The sad reality is that students and faculty who serve on a university hearing board or conduct disciplinary conferences usually lack any legal training. Further, the rules at these disciplinary conferences can be heavily slanted against the student's rights. In other words, these conferences lack the “innocent until proven guilty” component, which can have an unfair outcome for the student.

When  should I contact a criminal defense attorney with experience representing college students against drug or alcohol charges ?

You should contact an attorney as soon as possible.  The earlier your defense attorney learns about the facts of your case the faster they can help you determine the best defense strategy.

Our college student defense attorneys are skilled criminal defense lawyers who specialize in working with college and university students.  We  are trained to help you navigate the often confusing and unprecedented college or university disciplinary proceedings.  Most importantly, your college student defense attorney can help alleviate or prevent unjust punishments against you stemming from these student misconduct judicial conferences.

Our attorneys know that an arrest by campus police or local police for alcohol or drug charges can lead to criminal charges completely separate from student conduct code violations. Our college student defense lawyers are equally familiar with the criminal defense system and the college and university disciplinary system. We are committed to ensuring that your student rights are preserved and that you are provided the fair and just college/university disciplinary proceedings you deserve. Our drug and alcohol defense attorneys help college students and their families navigate these stressful proceedings with minimum disruption to your education.