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Your fake I.D. was confiscated.

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I am a college student. What should I do if my fake ID is confiscated? 

The first thing to do if your fake ID is confiscated, is to be calm and polite. At this point, do not try to continue to lie about your age, especially if the ID is taken by a police officer. 

What are the consequences if my fake ID is confiscated? Can I be arrested?

An arrest by campus police or local police for possession or use of a fake ID can lead to criminal charges wholly apart from student conduct code violations. Under Washington D.C. law, possession or use of false or fraudulent identification may lead to a conviction for misrepresentation of age, a misdemeanor punishable by substantial fines and loss of driving privileges for up to one year. However, if the purchase of alcohol or underage drinking is involved, this is considered an ABC violation and the charges can be more severe. Moreover, manufacture, sale, or distribution of local, state or federal identification cards can lead to even more serious charges and penalties.

You can be arrested for possession of a fake ID, but you will likely only go to jail and should be released after a few hours. Remember to stay calm during this time. In the case that you are arrested for using a fake ID, it will be important to contact a college student criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. The good news is that Washington D.C. has a diversion program for first and second offenses on a misdemeanor conviction for misrepresentation of age which allows the offense to be expunged from your record after 6 months. An attorney with experience defending college students against fake ID charges will know about this option.

Will my school or university find out if my fake ID is confiscated off campus?

Colleges and universities regularly receive reports of alleged violations of the law from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), so your school may institute student misconduct proceedings against you even if your fake ID was confiscated off campus. Remember that in Washington D.C. law violations also count as a college or university student code of conduct violations.

What are the consequences from my college or university if I am caught with a fake ID?

If your fake ID was confiscated, you will likely receive a disciplinary charge for violating your college or university’s code of student conduct.

Although college and university disciplinary hearings may seem less formal than juvenile or criminal court, colleges and universities take student misconduct violations like possession or use of false or fraudulent identification very seriously and the stakes are just as high. It is critical to seek the guidance of an attorney with experience defending college students against fake ID charges before facing college and university disciplinary proceedings. Our defense lawyers have many years experience helping college and university students prepare for disciplinary hearings with minimum disruption to the student’s education. 

If I am caught with a fake ID or arrested for possessing a fake ID, will I lose my scholarship, job or internship? How will this affect my academic standing? Will I lose my student housing?

College and university disciplinary proceedings for alleged student misconduct like possession or use of a fake ID places your academic standing in jeopardy, as well as your student housing, financial aid awards, scholarships, and even future employment. However, colleges and universities often give college students a “two-strike policy,” where consequences for your first charge will not be severe and you will not get suspended or expelled. In all cases, you will likely have to go through a student disciplinary hearing to determine a punishment. The good news is that our criminal defense lawyers who specialize in working with college students will help you navigate the disciplinary proceedings arising under your college or university's code of student conduct. Most importantly, an experienced student defense attorney will help mitigate or prevent unjust disciplinary findings against you in these hearings.

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