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Alcohol Offenses

What are the most common student conduct code violations or crimes involving alcohol?

Underage drinking is the most common violation for college students as 21 is the federal drinking age. Other common alcohol related charges college…


How is assault between or involving college students investigated? How is on-campus assault investigated?

Assault is primarily investigated and charged by state or local law enforcement. If the assault occurs on-campus, university police…

Computer Crimes

What constitutes Computer Crimes?

Although a computer today can be used in several types of alleged crimes, typical investigations and crimes associated with computers include possession of types of pornography (child pornography and adult pornography), cyber-stalking and piracy…

Destruction of Property

What is the definition of Destruction of Property? How does my college or university define Destruction of Property?

Universities often define destruction of property as the damage or ruin of any University property or property of others, or the unauthorized use or entry of University property or facilities.

Drug Offenses

What is the definition of drug possession on campus? What constitutes drug charges?

Drug charges can vary from the simple possession of a marijuana joint found in your dorm room to the unauthorized use, possession, and/or distribution of a controlled substance like Adderall…

Domestic Violence

What is the definition of domestic violence?

Assaults that arise between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, gay couples, members of the same family and household are considered in Washington D.C. and other jurisdictions as…

Fake I.D.

What is the definition of a fake ID in Washington, D.C.?

Fake identification or fake ID is any fraudulent copy of a government issued I.D. card or any authentic government I.D. card that was not issued to you, i.e. someone else’s…


You or your fraternity/sorority has been accused of hazing?

If you have been accused of hazing, or are part of a fraternity or sorority accused of such acts forced alcohol consumption, producing mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment…


What is the definition of plagiarism?

Plagiarism is typically defined by colleges and universities as presenting the work of another person as your own…

Residential Conduct / Community standards

What are the basics of residential conduct and residential community standards?

If you live in college or university housing, such as a dorm or university-owned or rented apartment, it is likely you signed a housing agreement obligating you to conduct

Sexual Assault and Rape

I’ve been accused or charged with sexual assault, what do I do?

You need a lawyer experienced with student conduct codes, Title IX regulations, as well as criminal defense to represent you if you have been charged with sexual assault either by your college/university and/or criminally charged…

Sexual Misconduct and Harassment

Sexual harassment and misconduct is a serious charge.

Sexual violence is defined as any sexual act, or attempt of any sexual act, against an individual through coercion or manipulation, and includes…


What is the definition of stalking?

Stalking crimes consist of repeated non-consensual contacts which harass a complainant, putting the complainant in either direct or indirect harm or inciting fear…


What is the definition of criminal theft? What can happen to me if I am charged with criminal theft?

Theft is defined in Washington D.C. as wrongfully using or obtaining someone else’s property with the intent to deprive the other person of this property or to use the property as one’s own…


What is the definition of a threat?

Threats include any contact or communication from an individual that endanger  or intimidates another party or individual…


What is the definition of criminal trespassing?

In the District of Columbia, it is illegal to enter or attempt to enter any private dwelling, public building, or other property to which you have not been given consent to enter…

Weapons Violations

What is the definition of a weapon? What crimes are associated with weapons?

Weapons are any physical objects that are used with the intent to inflict bodily harm or injury upon another individual…

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