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What is the definition of cyber-stalking?

Cyber-stalking is stalking that involves use of the internet and/or other electronic means. Emails, text messages, even blogs and tweets on twitter could potentially form the basis for a charge. An understanding of the Internet and current electronic forms of communication is critical to defending such cases. (See also Computer Crimes)

Cases involving these allegations are complicated due to lack of clarity involving the one and perception of online messages. Though one party may believe they are being friendly, or inclusive, the recipient of the messages may feel as though they are being contacted too frequently, or see the frequent messages as harassment or threatening and feel fear. (See Internet Threats)

What can happen if I am found guilty of cyber-stalking?

Stalking may be treated as either a felony or civil case depending on the severity. Besides just the issuance of a restraining order, if found guilty, you may face hefty fines or possible jail time for repeat offenses.

What should I do if I am accused of cyber-stalking?

Cyber-stalking is a very serious charge which is why you need a criminal defense attorney who specializes in defending college students. Be sure to keep a record of all messages to ensure that your defense attorney can put together the strongest case possible.

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